In-School Transition

Moving to a different year level is an exciting time for students. Often mixed in their excitement is some uncertainty about what to expect in their new class. To support students’ transition, we provide three sessions at the end of Term Four to assist them become familiar with their new learning environment. These sessions consist of activities in the new classroom space with different students and teachers. The final transition session is held with the child’s classmates and teacher. That way, when students start back at school the following year they are already familiar with their new learning environment.

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition

Our transition to high school program starts in Grade 5 with an experience at a local high school. This allows students to experience some of the activities that would occur in a high school setting, regardless of where they attend. During Grade 5 we also encourage families to visit high schools and attend tours develop an idea about the ‘best fit’ school for their child. In Term Two of Grade 6, families are asked to nominate their secondary school preferences. Your child is guaranteed a place at their designated neighbourhood school which is determined on the basis of your permanent residential address. Applications to schools other than your designated neighbourhood school are considered subject to the school having available spaces. More information on locating your designated school can be found at  Find My School.