Starting Kindergarten

This may be your child's first major step outside the home and so they will need time to settle in and feel comfortable with new people and the environment.

Also, the first few weeks can be the most exhausting for your child for the following reasons:

  • They may feel overwhelmed by so many children all moving about making noise
  • They may be overwhelmed by the many new activities
  • They may be worried about visiting a strange toilet
  • They may be overcome with fatigue caused by the hot weather
  • They may be over-excited because of a new and different routine
  • Try to give your child extra support and understanding during this period of adjustment.


What to bring to Kindergarten sessions

  • A large kinder bag to hold belongings and a change of clothes, underwear and socks
  • A named sun hat in Terms 1 and 4 (this will remain at kinder)
  • Sunscreen applied before attending (available for parents to apply)
  • A coat on cold/wet days, closed footwear. 
  • A healthy snack/lunch box- 
  • A drink bottle filled with water only

Please ensure that clothing, hats, bags and lunch boxes etc. are clearly named.