Junior School Rotations

This program is aimed at providing students from Foundation to Grade 2 the opportunity to explore a variety of skills and concepts through fun and collaborative learning experiences. We value student voice and use the students ideas and suggestions to plan all rotations. It is a great opportunity for students to work collaboratively and learn new skills while getting to know other students and teachers in the Junior School. Some of the activities include: cooking, coding, paper crafts, obstacle course, outdoor games and drawing just to name a few. 

Investigate - Create - Express

This exciting program offers students from Years 3 to 6 a range of activities that extends the students’ learning and furthers their knowledge and skills in new or existing areas of interest and passion. All students have had the opportunity to contribute ideas for activities through their Student Representative Council and we aim to cater for many of the most popular suggestions. 

Thanks to our talented staff, willing family members and community volunteers some of the wide range of activities that have been offered have been woodwork, cooking, crafts such as quilting, applique, hama beads, friendship bands, knitting, photography, gardening, book club, flight, comic drawing, painting, song and Auslan, drama and writing, yoga, pottery, recycled art, henna designs, chess, rock band, egyptology, pinata, pattern making and soft toys.


Special Events

Special events and days that involve our school community is an important part of our school culture at Mount Pleasant Road Primary School. Students have many opportunities to participate in and contribute to various events including; Easter hat parade, Book Week dress up, Christmas concert, Fun Run, Pleasant Bizarre, Family Breakfast, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls, Twilight Sports and Open Night just to name a few. 

Sustainability Program

 We are very fortunate at Mount Pleasant Road Primary School and Kindergarten to have a wonderful garden space which has been heavily supported by our school community. The garden provides students with the opportunity to integrate learning to real life experiences. Students learn to plant, care for, harvest fruit and vegetables and prepare, cook and eat food from their own garden. 


Lunchtime Clubs & After School Programs

In consultation with students, teachers run a range of lunchtime clubs for students from Foundation to Grade 6 to take part in. Some of these include:

  • Dance
  • Chess
  • Gardening
  • Board Games
  • Coding
  • Craft and drawing
  • Running club (before school)
  • Senior and Junior choir

We also offer parent funded after school programs run by outside organisations throughout the week including:

  • STEM Lego - Outer Eastern Young Engineers
  • After School Sports Program - Melbourne Sports Institute
  • Chinese Language Program - Happy Valley Culture School