Who we are

The P&F of Mount Pleasant Road Primary School and Kinder is made up of members of our own community. Parents and Friends just like you who volunteer their time and skills regularly for the benefit of our wonderful school and kinder. We are extremely fortunate to have an active and engaged school and kinder community where everyone can play a part. Headed up by the P&F Coordinator and supported by individual class parent representatives, our P&F consists of many people working together for the benefit of our school and kindergarten. 


What we do

The role of P&F is to contribute to the welling of the school community by organising social and fundraising events that benefit students and families. P&F is also aimed at providing parents and carers of students an opportunity to participate in a variety of ways to achieve the overall goals of our school and kindergarten. P&F give parents and carers opportunities to connect, share knowledge and offer support throughout the school and kinder community.  

Membership to MPRPS&K P&F

Membership to our P&F is open to any parent, carer or friend with a direct connection to our school and/or kindergarten. Meetings are held twice per term on school grounds and everyone is welcome to attend. Times and locations for these meetings are communicated via the school newsletter. Positions of P&F Coordinator and Class Parent Representative are self-nominated and appointed by the Principal on a yearly basis. 


Structure of MPRPS&K Parents & Friends

P&F Coordinator – Responsible for the overseeing and running of key social events and fundraising activity. Ensures volunteer rosters are adequate for events, orders stock and supplies for events as necessary. Communicates with school and kinder community on P&F and fundraising activity. Reports to Principal and School Council on key issues and improvements. Contact via 

Community Support Representative – Provides a point of contact and support for families of students experiencing emotional or learning difficulties and/or disability. Our Community Support Representative can also provide immediate support to families who need extra assistance due to unemployment, poor health or other difficult situations. All interactions with our Community Support Rep are discreet and your privacy is respected at all times. Contact via

Class Parent Representatives – Provide a social point of connection and contact for families at an individual class level. Class Parent Reps communicate with families regularly and organise social outings and playdates throughout the year.